Make A Difference With Your Influence

In a sermon recently, Andy Stanley made this admonition: “Don’t ever waste your influence.”

Do you think of yourself as an influencer?

Do you constantly work to build up your capacity as an influencer?

To be an influence means you make a difference in the environments you inhabit. While it’s not necessary to be a constant influence, it is an encouragement to know that you can enter a situation with a set of abilities capable of making things better.

Influence comes in many packages. Voicing frequent words of encouragement builds your influence. Frequently praising individuals builds an atmosphere of positive regard.

We influence by teaching and training others.

We influence when we listen intently and support creative ideas.

We can become an influential force by a well-timed hug or pat on the back.

If you want to “happen to the world”, you will have an array of strategies you employ to build influence. As the influence builds, you will use it wisely.

Make a difference with your influence. Don’t waste it. People will be glad you were on the scene.