Make It Happen

PalletOne leaders happen to the world rather than let the world happen to them.

To be sure, there are many things out of our control. You can make a long list.

A few years ago, there were a lot of things going on that made me feel like I had no control. The conditions were causing business to be difficult. The challenges were severe.

One day I was confiding to a colleague: “Things are really tough. I don’t know if I see much we can do. I feel a sense of resignation.” My colleague listened. Since he was living through the same thing, I felt like he agreed.

A day later he called me. “I’ve been thinking about what you said. I need you to know something. I don’t like my CEO being resigned.”

It was a transformational moment for me. I realized that I wasn’t walking my talk. To be resigned was to say nothing could be done to improve things. I knew that wasn’t true. I just wasn’t happening to the world.

Happening to the world means that you always believe you can do things to make things better. And, happening to the world means that you walk the talk by doing something.

Certainly, you’ve seen the horrifying scenes associated with the tornado in Oklahoma. Some have lost loved ones. Others all their possessions.

I am moved by those who are happening to the world in Oklahoma. Despite the worst circumstances, you see story after story of families and neighbors rallying to support each other, committing to commence the recovery effort.

I’m sure there are folks who feel hopeless too. Paralyzed by the trauma. God bless them.

But, those happening to the world lift spirits in the midst of crisis. They find a way to recover. They are not resigned.