What are you doing to make a difference?

Do you intend to make a difference?

On your way to work today, were you thinking about how you could make a difference?

Making a difference is a choice.

  • You can plan the difference you intend to make. It can be a project you are starting or completing. It can be a skill you are practicing to improve. It can be a teammate you are training or inspiring.
  • You can be engaged in the projects of those around you. You can lend a helping hand. Give feedback about what you see. Seek feedback on how you can perform better.
  • You can be alert to the most recent challenge to arise. While you had a plan at the start, we don’t control the circumstances that arise. When we face challenges, we have to be quick on our feet. Maintain a good attitude. Be quick to adjust in a way to meet the new circumstances.

The difference you are making usually isn’t random. We build on it. The difference you make today is added to the difference you made yesterday. The difference you make tomorrow will be added to that.

You aren’t powerless. Whatever is going on in your world, you have the ability to impact it. Set your face. Square your shoulders. Choose your path. Move along. Make something happen.