Manning Models High Standards

Peyton Manning sets a tone. I was reading an article in ESPN The Magazine about his transition to his new team, the Denver Broncos. The behavior modeled thus far is setting a higher standard.

When he signed his contract, he went to a press conference, made a statement and answered questions. When he was finished, he went to the weight room and worked out.

It made an impression.

“The greatest players of all time don’t just play at a higher level than anyone else. They prepare at a higher level than anyone else. And no one is ever prepared better than (Manning),” said Broncos executive vice president John Elway, who was one of the greatest players of all time. “We’d all heard the stories about the work ethic. To see it for real is really something else.”

Manning has established credibility by challenging his teammates to improve. He has also asked them to challenge him.

“He wants me to be better so he can be better. And he wants to be better to help me get better. I’ll follow a man like that into any game, anywhere, any way,” says a teammate.

Modeling high standards and asking others to come along builds outstanding enterprises. What have you modeled today?