Motivation and Attitude

Are you a “joy” to coach?

I was reading a book this weekend about being a more effective coach.

The book suggested that a good coach will adjust to his players by incorporating a style that will reach each player. Some coaches coach the same way all the time. This article suggests the good coach should have the ability to adjust based upon the player. And, will do so.

The model suggests that players come with a broad array of skills, talents and experiences. They also come with a level of motivation and interest.

While I was reflecting on the assessment of the coaching styles, my mind began to shift to the people I coach. I realized that what makes a team go is to be loaded with people who want to be coached.

I have had the experience of taking a very unskilled team and working with them in such a way that they acquired skills and talents over time and became very accomplished.

I have had the experience of walking into a team of all stars who were also very talented and motivated. And, no surprise, we became the best in the class.

Contrast that with a group of talented players whose attitude is in the ditch. That experience is full of frustration. It is frustrating to see players who are capable of more not achieve it because of a bad, haughty, non-achieving attitude.

As a whole, the human race is superior. Our combination of mental capabilities, physical capabilities and socialization capabilities can help us achieve virtually anything.

But, it starts with an attitude. If you are new to this company, let me give you some advice:

Come to work motivated. If you do, you are likely to find some leader who will welcome you on the team and teach you more than you know already. They will help you to get better, stay safe and do well.

If you are unmotivated and unskilled, this will be a waste of time. Your colleagues will only be interested in you if you are interested in being a contributor. That’s hard to do with a poor attitude.

I admit: We have something to do with the environment and whether this is a place where you can be motivated. We monitor it and address it when we fall short. But, great attitudes float all the boats. You won’t be a success here or anywhere else if you are waiting on someone to cause your attitude to change. Your attitude is on you.