Motivation: The Discipline of Success

Musician playing piano in chruch with vintage filter.

“If you put your effort, energy, and time into anything, you will get better,” Eric Vetro, singing coach.

I listened to Vetro coach a guy with little singing skills and little confidence of making it. Vetro told him to quit acting like a guy who couldn’t sing and start acting like a singer; if he would then match up that belief with effort, energy, and time, he would have a better chance of winning.

Effort – What is it you are trying to do?  What is your goal?  Without a specific target, you aren’t likely to extend an effort.  Without a goal, you’re just going through the motions.

Energy – You use energy when you extend yourself.  You think hard, it burns energy.  You push yourself physically, you deplete yourself.  You use energy, you discover what talent is deep within you.

Time – We all have the same amount of time.  You reach your goals and fulfill your potential when you focus your use of time on specific matters that call you to make an effort and devote your energy.

It’s simple, but it’s hard.  Make an effort.  Spend your energy.  Focus your time.  You will get better.