Yellowstone quote of the week:

“There are two roads in life,” Rip Wheeler narrates in this latest Yellowstone Season 4 trailer.  “One is you’re winning or learning.  The other is you’re losing.  All the way to the grave.”

Don’t know if you watch the series.  It’s violent, profane but has a good storyline.

Rip was coaching a young boy on his life choices.  Trying to get him to change direction.  He was on a failure path.

Defining what a win is in our daily lives gives us direction and motivation.  The goal can be big.  It can be small.  The important thing is that it moves you ahead.

While we can strive to get better every day, it doesn’t always work out that way.  That’s where the learning kicks in.  When you don’t get what you want, you stop to consider why.  You ponder how you can change your approach.  You begin again and see what progress comes.

Not trying isn’t an option.  To close other angles is futile.  To quit is losing.

These are good questions to ask:

Did I move toward the goal I intended?  That’s winning.

Have I learned anything that will speed the progress?