Observations on Leadership

I’m spending the day with some of our colleagues watching the Chick-fil-A Leadercast.

It’s a day-long program of speakers crossing business, churches and athletics who are sharing their perspectives on leadership.

I read about leadership a great deal. There are several things I have learned:

  1. There is no single best way to lead. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise I think is misguided. But, leadership is a choice to influence others. It’s not how you lead. It’s that you lead.
  2. Becoming an effective leader is a continual process. I think you make a mistake if you ever believe that you’ve got the act and art of leadership down. You can always be better at it.
  3. The best way to improve as a leader is to practice it. You can lead any place at any time. You can organize the fundraiser at your child’s school. You can coach a team. You can teach a class. You can take on a project at work. If you want to improve as a leader, make and take chances to lead.

I am proud of the cadre of leaders we have in our company. I admire the variety of effective leadership styles we see. Let’s keep improving.