“People want to be around those who share their time, knowledge, and support.” –  Annie McKee 

Want to make your team better? Share your support.  The methods for being supportive are as different as each situation permits.  

I had a professor who said that a great leadership attribute was to be “otherworldly.”  He described it as cultivating an awareness, even alertness, of what’s going on with the people and the environment around you.  He advocated getting “outside” your head as much as possible.  

I find being “otherworldly” is a choice.  Given the option, I can stay inside my head all day.  I can move from station to station in my life and remain focused on my thoughts, my convenience.  

Being “otherworldly” means taking time to notice.  Be alert to non-verbal language expressed by teammates. Notice changes in mood or behavior.  Inquire as to what may be different.  

Being “otherworldly” means being considerate.  At home, it means taking out the trash without being asked, folding a load of clothes, or unloading the dishwasher.  

Being “otherworldly” means bringing to each situation your knowledge, resources, skills, and creativity with the intent to help make that situation better.  

 Lending support means you adopt missions with others.  It means you align with the values of a team.  It’s an acknowledgment that there’s more to life than “what’s in it for you.” 

People who “happen to the world” readily lend their support.  The team is always glad to see them coming.