Our Actions Reflect Our Thoughts

“A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world; everyone you meet is your mirror.” – Ken Keyes, Jr.

Which way are you?

The “loving” person discussed here is not necessarily a mushy, gushy person. At church, I’ve learned that “loving” carries at its forefront the notion of putting others first. Also, it’s the idea that “loving” is a choice and it manifests itself in action as compared to feeling.

So, the quote above reminds us that what we say to “ourselves” as we proceed through the day will be reflected.

If you say “Great, I’m glad to see my teammates,” it comes off different than “Uh oh, I wonder what they screwed up now.”

If you say “Wow, I admire his great questions,” it comes off different than “Why can’t he leave well enough alone?”

“That will be an interesting challenge. I can’t wait to work with you to solve it,” is different than “Different day, some old sludge.”

This quote reminds me that we can think that we hide our thoughts but how we think comes out in how we behave, how we carry ourselves and what others see.