Our Products Are Cool Part 1

Our products are cool:

Take pressure treated wood. Before the year is out, we will sell more than 250 million feet of treated wood and related products.

The process of treating wood makes lumber more durable and cost effective. By paying a bit extra at the time of purchase, the customer purchases a product that won’t rot due to infestation or exposure to the elements.

Cared for properly, the wood structures built with treated wood last longer and saves the customer from the aggravation and cost of frequent replacement.

Treating wood extends the life of our nation’s lumber resource. Longer life and less frequent replacement leaves trees in the forest to grow for future use.

The chemical formulations we use have been continually improved. A great deal of research and effort goes into assuring the presence of our chemical won’t be a detriment when it is employed.

The advancement of treated wood products help bring enjoyment to life. The deck where one can rest or socialize or the fence that assures privacy for your guests and family have become staples in American homes.

In addition to treating to preserve wood, we treat to inhibit mold so that consumers won’t be stricken with disease associated with mold spores. We make residences safer.

Treated lumber is more economical than synthetics and other man made materials. The enhancement of wood opens the door to employing the use of wood in innovative ways. Treated wood makes some projects possible because of its economical benefit.

The process of treated wood requires precision. We must employ the technology as designed every time. We prove our excellence out with constant analysis. We are pros at what we do.

250 million feet means 12,500 trucks a year in our plant and close to 16,000 trucks out a year. We are a logistics colossus.

Our customers demand the best and we provide it.