PalletOne CFO Honored

We are fortunate to have one of the best Chief Financial Officers in the world. Casey Fletcher. Really, the world.

I’ve been working with Casey since 1981. When we started PalletOne, we were fortunate that Casey came aboard with us as partner and financial master. Through his thoughtful, steadfast, knowledgeable, dogged, inventive stewardship, we have earned the confidence and respect of investors, bankers and the rest of the financial community.

I learned early on in our working career that one of the key ingredients in Casey’s makeup was his experience as a Boy Scout. In fact, Casey is an Eagle Scout.

If you aren’t familiar with Boy Scouts, becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest achievement that a Boy Scout can attain. To do it takes years of dedication, achieving a record of steady accomplishment demonstrating a broad array of competency. As a human resources professional I learned that having achieved the rank of Eagle Scout was as great of a predictor of career success that I could find.

Most of his adult life, Casey volunteered as a Boy Scouts leader. Boys of all ages. Casey volunteered before he had sons, while he had sons in the program and after his sons moved on with Eagle Scout on their resumes.

Though no longer leading packs or troops, he continues to support the Scouts with his treasure, his talent and his time.

Casey’s years of service were acknowledged this morning when the Boy Scouts of America named him a Soaring Eagle in recognition of his service.

It is an honor well deserved. We are proud of him.