Pallets Move the World

Meeting people anew, you get asked what you do. When I say pallets and lumber, I get two common responses. The first is amazement that there is a company that builds pallets. The second is that everyone has a pallet story: they had a job where they had to stack them or they built a good fire with them or they have seen them made into furniture.

It’s humorous. No one has met someone who builds them but everyone has a pallet story.

This week a story titled “The Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy: The Pallet” was on the internet. It was sent to me from a variety of friends.

You can click here to view it.

It’s cool for several reasons. Nice little history about how pallets came about. Good discussion about the various alternatives in our industry. Features a business partner of ours, Dr. Mark White, who has spent thousands of hours teaching our team about pallet design. Good description of how the pallet matters in the supply chain.

You’ll be interested in the article. Share it with your family and friends.

Tell them how our product serves a vital role. Tell them you are one of the best in the world that builds them.