Patience is Self Control in Difficult Times

I’m reading a book called “Love Works” by a CEO named Joel Manby.

It’s a business book describing how someone can “love” as a leader. He cautions that most people hear “love” and think of it as being soft. He takes care to make sure the reader understands “love” is a verb as compared to a feeling.

He uses seven words to describe how to love. The first one is “patient.”

Here’s his great description: Patience is self control in difficult times.

As soon as I heard the description it resonated.

Patience is when you want to retaliate and you don’t.

Patience is when you want to knock someone down and you don’t.

Patience is when you want to tell them what you really think and you choose silence.

Patience is when you want to give up in frustration, but try again.

Patience is resisting a defensive response to criticism and listening for the truths embedded in the criticism.

I’m sure you can come up with your own descriptions.

But, when you face a difficult situation, think self control.