Patriots Coaches Teach Players to Win

In honor of our colleagues in Livermore Falls, Maine who are eaten up with all things New England, I will be rooting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl Sunday.

Bill Belichick is the coach of the Patriots. He is on television a lot this week as the game is upon us. Belichick is among the most successful coaches in NFL history. He is not a flashy coach with a lot of PR pizzazz. He is more noted for being a genius at crafting a team and matching it to the strategy to win.

I was watching a video of a pre-game speech. Here was a message about winning:

  1. We identify the situation.
  2. We make a call.
  3. We do our job.

“That’s what execution is all about.”

Belichick and his staff are known to be excellent teachers. They spend a lot of time on teaching their players how to recognize the “situations.”

It makes a lot of sense. Belichick and his staff believe that if their team is well educated about the situations they face and they understand what their jobs are as it relates to the call that is made, that they will be able to execute at a higher level.

I heard a speaker, James Autrey, say, “No one has ever done a worse job because they had too much information.” As leaders, it is our responsibility to paint the broadest, largest picture that we can and to define for each player his or her responsibility in completing their job. Then, the players play with the belief that the ample education and training helps us execute better than our competitors.

We’ll see how that works for the Patriots this weekend.