Henry Cloud says, “Every leader must consider whether what they are doing will create positive or negative energy.”

Do you embrace the idea that you are a factor in the energy generated by your team or in your family? In my experience, a lot of people will not.

Many will say that energy is a personal issue.  I’ll take care of mine.  You take care of yours.  But that denies the reality.

If a leader is passive, the team will be too.

If the mom has a bad attitude, the kids will have a bad attitude as well.

Negative energy from a leader can be overcome, but it takes courageous followers who are fully aware of the need to create a positive vibe.  Trying to run against the leadership grain has risk to it.

I use the term “lead where you stand.”  Every situation has leadership.  I’ve learned that when I enter a new environment to be on the lookout for the leadership.

If it’s positive and purposeful, I get in line and follow along.

If it’s negative and aimless, I try to boost the energy and suggest ways in which leaders might emerge.

If I can’t make a difference, I move on.  Life’s too short to linger in a group without leaders.

Leading where you stand starts with bringing good energy and helping others by influencing them to have good energy too.