Feedback is critical.  We know it.  But we don’t do it enough.

I gave a friend an award this week.  I have known him for 40 years and hold him in very high regard.  We are fraternity brothers.  I’m convinced the work he did and the model he provided me all these years were key contributors to my having an excellent experience.

I got to tell how I felt about his contribution to about 500 fraternity brothers and guests.  He didn’t see it coming.  His wife and his close friends were moved by the feedback.

I was reflecting upon the evening.  It might have been as remarkable for me to acknowledge his contribution as it was for him to receive it.  I realized that in the 40 years I’ve known him I couldn’t recall one time when I expressed my appreciation to him in the way I did on Saturday night.

That’s a shame.

We have a good team at PalletOne and Sunbelt.  Some would call it great.  That’s how I class us.

But I realize that I neglect feedback.  Especially good feedback.

I often get to share my leadership point of view with others.  One thing I point out is that no one ever thinks the communication on the team is perfect.  I recommend to leaders that communication occupy a permanent place on their “to do” list.  It will always be necessary.  It can always be improved.

We teach that everyone is hungry for feedback.  Great organizations say that they only begin to reach their potential when feedback is expressed to everyone at least once a week.

It occurred to me that a certain way to improve communication is when we take the time to express our appreciation to those who contribute to our success.

So, here’s some feedback for all of you.  We are having a good year at PalletOne.  You are working so well together to maximize the opportunities the market has presented us.

I don’t see complacency anywhere.  Every plant seems to approach the day committed to meeting our customers’ needs while trying new ways to add value.

I’m grateful.  I’m proud.  You inspire me.  Thank you.