Hopefully, the election will soon be settled, and the nation can move ahead.

The presidential election has been very close.  However, it’s resolved that half the people in the country will be disappointed.

It appears that the Congress will be close to evenly divided.  It appears that most of us voted for the local folks we know and are used to having represent us.

There’s no mandate for socialism.  No mandate for higher taxes.  No mandate for white supremacy.  No mandates really that can be derived from this election.

The media proved that they don’t have their finger on the pulse of the public.  Each of us took our own counsel and voted accordingly.

Seems like we all have choices to make:

Will we choose being better or bitter?

Will we have faith in the everyday America that wants good schools, safe communities and places where we can enjoy the “good life” that America offers?

Will we be a force for reconciliation by being good neighbors willing to work for the good in our communities?

In my opinion, the divide has been around too long.  I’m going to let my representatives know that I expect them to act to make our communities better.

Our mindset matters.  Let’s lean into being good neighbors and citizens in these times.  Whatever that means to you.