One quote I repeat often is by Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who says, “Problems don’t age well.”

When I heard it, I took it to mean that if something is bothering me or I see a problem, I need to form a plan to address it sooner rather than later. Because if I don’t, it won’t go away and will only get worse.

Dealing promptly with an issue is not an invitation to be impulsive. Not every problem has easy solutions.

But dealing with a problem does call for courage. Most problems are attached to people in some fashion. Addressing them can carry the “baggage” of defensiveness, change resistance, and plain old hurt feelings. It takes courage to wade into such conversations. But to hold back only delays the pain.

But if you are:

  • Purposeful in your approach
  • Define the problem clearly
  • Put the facts on the table
  • Work to resolve it intently
  • Maintain a style of communication and respect

You can nip minor problems before they become major ones.