Progress Is Always Preceded By Change.

“Progress is always preceded by change. What are you challenging right now? What change are you driving?”

As each day starts fresh, we ought to consider how we can get better. Considering how we ought to improve each day is a process involving intentional acts.

One act is an assessment. Did the day’s activity achieve what was intended? Did you and your team accomplish the intended outcomes?

What worked and is worth repeating? What needs tweaking? What needs to be abandoned?

A second act is a reflection.  It’s a bit different than an assessment. It’s the process of sitting silently for the day. It’s a passive act. You pause in silence and hear what you subconscious wants to say. It’s  a divine act where inspiration wanders in. Thoughts occur to you that would enhance your pursuits.

A final act is you create a plan for the next day. You identify the goal you have. You identify the method you will try. You fine-tune the approach. You imagine the activity. You target the challenge. You identify the change you want to affect.

You rarely drift to improvement. You purposefully drive it.