Quick Start Sets The Pace

“Who is late will be punished by life.”

—Werner Herzog

When it comes to being “lean”, we can have no better habit than starting on time and well.

When the work day starts, it is imperative for every person to be in place with machinery ready to run and material ready for processing. If any of the three aren’t ready, it results in multiple people standing around and waiting. That kind of waste sets the tone for the day.

Having all three in place also enables us it have an opportunity for a  ” great first hour”. Through years of experience I’ve noticed the best teams consistently start well every day. They set the tone by getting good results early. Establishing the momentum early creates the opportunity for a great day.

A slow start can be overcome. But, more often,  a slow start leads to mediocre or poor performance.

If you aren’t happy with how your team is performing, examine how you are starting at the beginning of the day and when you return from breaks. Make improvements there. It will show results.