We ask you to “lead” where you stand. To do that effectively, you have to be scanning your environment for leadership opportunities. You don’t need a title to lead. You just need the desire to lead.

What opportunities do you have to lead?

We almost always have new people in our midst. Take notice of the “noob.” Acknowledge good effort. Encourage the progress you see. Learn their names and find their stories. Give pointers to those who are learning their jobs.

Real leaders make you feel good about yourself. So, offer words of encouragement to anyone trying. Let them know you see their effort, that you note their progress.

Real leaders inspire you to work harder and push yourself. You lead where you stand when you help set goals. When you celebrate achievements. When you model the value of getting a little better every day.

Real leaders help you to think differently and learn more. Experienced leaders help others to understand the big picture. They explain why we do what we do. They point out the fine edge we seek. Leaders teach professionalism.