I watched a film called “Stutz” on Netflix. I recommend it, but it’s a long conversation. Not much action, but lots to think about.

Early in the film, Phil Stutz, the therapist at the center of the documentary, suggests that we all face the same reality in life.

  • Pain. There is nothing pain-free. We suffer trauma. Loss. It takes the pain of discipline to gain skill and ability. If we are counting on ease, we will be humbled. Pain is part of the package.
  • Uncertainty. We can wonder. We can hope. We can worry. But we don’t know until we know. We might as well stay in the moment as compared to speculating.
  • Constant work. The pain and uncertainty will require something of us. It’s never easy. The work is better in teams. The work is manageable when we embrace it. The work can be achieved when accompanied by a good, resilient attitude.

It wasn’t news to me. But if the reality is there will be pain, uncertainty, and constant work facing me every day, I won’t be set back. I can happen to the world.