“Getting your mind right means managing two things:  a) What you focus on; and b) How you talk to yourself.” – Urban Meyer, legendary football coach

These are two important distinctions.

(1) FOCUS. The focused person is dressed out and ready to play.  They are paying attention to the most important thing.  They have an uncanny ability to see “what’s important right now.”  They are on the problem.  They are working the problem.  They aren’t distracted.

Unfocused people are off in the weeds.  Their attention is drawn to the insignificant.  They are easily distracted by the unimportant.

(2) HOW YOU TALK TO YOURSELF. Right-minded people have mastered the art of talking to themselves. If we let it, the voice in our head will go its own way.  It creates doubt.  It criticizes.  It stokes fear.  That unmanaged voice takes you off your game. Maybe it will even convince you to quit.

But, when that voice shifts to being controlled and led, things change.  No more criticism.  Encouragement exists.  No drama.  Just good, solid facts.  When you talk to yourself, you remain calm.  You make the problem the boss.  You stay on task.

Is your head right?  If not, where’s your focus?  What are you saying to yourself?