An Operations Manager recently sent this note to me:

“A customer emailed us over the weekend asking to double up shipping this week. They needed two loads per day for the entire week. The other supervisor saw the email and asked the assembly guys if they could help. We shifted manpower running all four Viking machines and all five cutting lines. At the end of the day, 7,206 pallets were built, and 106k of lumber was cut, even with a later start on some of the machines. All of this happened while I was at another plant. Great to have a group of guys who care about our company and love a challenge. Very proud of them.”

There are so many good things about this story:

  • The instinctive response to a customer’s need: “Count on us.”
  • The initiative was taken by those who could take it. No one had to be told. They just got to work.
  • The sheer power exhibited in our response: 100,000 board feet; 7,000 plus pallets built. Most folks couldn’t do that with days of planning. We did it in 24 hours.
  • We were ready for a challenge like that. You prepare for opportunities like that. You can only muster that response with preparation.

Count me as proud too! Efforts like that are what make us elite. Well done, Team!