We say, “Safety first.”  Do we mean it? 

If I could have it any way I wanted it, everyone entering work would put “safety first.” 

Safe people are committed to doing things the right way.  They understand the correct process and they complete the right task repeatedly.  

Safe people are alert.  Their attention stays focused on the task at hand.  They remain mindful of the constant risk that comes with working in a complex environment.  

Safe people are good teammates.  We can’t remain safe if we are isolated in silos.  Safe people teach each other, watch out for each other, and hold each other accountable.  

Safe people are good stewards.  They know nothing good comes from an injury.  Time is lost.  Money is lost. Inefficiency arises every time there’s an accident.  They place a premium on safety to make the best use of the team’s time and talent.  

Safe people are happy.  Nothing bums a team out more than seeing an injury occur.  When you finish your day with no injury to your team, it causes satisfaction.  

This is safety week at UFPI.  Let’s acknowledge the value of safety and embrace it in our efforts every day.