“Pressure is a privilege. If you’re under pressure, it means someone cares what you are doing.” – Billie Jean King, Hall of Fame tennis pro

Most of us regard “pressure” to be a dirty word. We associate it with tension, nerves, and headaches. I know there are times when the pressures of the day seem so intense that I’d do anything to relax and kick back.

But King’s quote reminds me that to live life pressure-free isn’t the kind of life I desire. I don’t think you do either.

I’ve desired more responsibility. I want my contributions to count. I want people to be glad to see me coming because they know I’ll add to the solution.

Pressure causes my adrenaline to flow. It creates excitement. When the pressure is on, I want the ball. There’s something special about responding to pressure and being successful in its face.

There’s also something to be said about caving into pressure and assessing lessons learned from the experience.

The people who avoid responsibility and shirk pressured environments don’t live their best lives.

See pressure for the gift it is.