“People who readily share knowledge are welcome to the team.” – Annie McKee

Want to make your team better? Share your knowledge.

It’s said that knowledge is power.  As an athlete, I admired the teams who were coached well and played the game the right way.  Teams like that not only share knowledge readily, they insist on it.

When I first started working, some people I encountered kept their knowledge to themselves.  I think they reasoned that having more knowledge than every other person would give them an edge over the boss.

That may be true, but I believe it’s a short-sighted approach.  People who readily share knowledge have a deep appreciation for learning.  Folks who learn, love to teach.  When the knowledge is centered in on a few people, the organization is vulnerable.

Share, learn and share some more.  That’s a path toward unlimited growth.  Share with your colleagues.  It will raise the level of engagement.