Shareworthy Service

I have been exposed to a book called Good Company by Tim Miles.  He is a marketing consultant and I have found his insights on business to be “on point.”

One of his concepts is “shareworthy service.”  The idea is that companies and individuals should be interested in providing service that is so impressive that customers would readily tell others about it.  Have you received service that you would brag about? That’s kind of service we should provide.

Miles says that there are many elements of “shareworthy” service but the shorthanded version comes down to this:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Kindness

Are you professional?  Do you know your stuff?   Did you direct me to what I need?  Can I count on you?  Did you take me somewhere I wouldn’t have gone if you weren’t there?

Are you kind? Do you pay attention?  Do you see it my way?  Do you remember my likes and dislikes? Is it fun to do business with you?

Simple formula.  Be distinctive by your professionalism.  Stand out because of extraordinary kindness.  People will talk about you.