Spring is ‘Lean and Clean’-up Time

Yesterday, I suggested we consider cleaning up your work space. Today, I want look at the benefits of running an operation that’s ‘Lean and Clean’.

To run lean, we must have good housekeeping. Keep your area clean.

This is a simple truth.  The best plants have good housekeeping.

It takes an “every person effort” to keep a plant orderly and clean.

Here are some of the things that I see that happen in clean plants:

  • Management has a plan specific to cleaning up and clear accountabilities are assigned.
  • Resources are available to ensure proper housekeeping.  Resources include adequate staff hired, adequate tools available and adequate time available.
  • A premium is placed on processing downfall timely.  Downfall is the biggest contributor to the junky appearance of a plant.
  • A premium is placed on the timely use of “cut stock.”  There are no piles of “leftover boards” from previous orders.  There is a plan to use them up.
  • Housekeeping is perceived as necessary to productive operation as compared to a cost of doing business.  Hidden costs exist in a poorly organized plant.  Housekeeping is a premium.

Look around your operation. Could it benefit from a cleaning up?