Strive to Exceed Customer Expectations

Everybody has a customer.

You are accountable to those customers. In a way, they sign your paycheck.

You must discern what your customer expects of you and strive to meet those expectations. In fact, your goal should be to exceed them.

While it is common to think of the customer as the one who buys our products or services, it is bigger and broader than that. Your customer is often your colleague working next to you. Internal customers can be as important as the paying ones.

A company which has a team of “internal customers” (all of us) who report their expectations are being exceeded is powerful. When you exceed your customer’s expectations on a repeated basis you have found purpose in your work. You are competent and professional at what you do. You approach your job with pride and confidence.

When you are a customer who has his expectations met, you feel valued. You have trust in your environment. It provides a great deal of satisfaction.

It takes effort to learn expectations. It takes effort to assure that you are doing your job for the customer. Make sure you know what your customer expects. Extend yourself to exceed their expectations. It will set us apart.