TAKING THE LEAD : The higher your ability, the more you are called to lead.

Do you identify as a leader?

What I mean is, do you believe there will be times in your life when you being the leader is required?

When many of us think about leadership, we make it a simple either/or thing: “I’m either a leader or I’m not.” We think some of us are meant to lead, and some of us are meant to follow. We decide which of those we are and go from there.

I don’t believe that. In fact, it’s not just my personal belief. I have experience that tells me that it isn’t the case.

I say all the time that I’m not mechanical. If a machine is broken, I don’t know how to fix it. If you need training on how to use a tool better, I’m not your guy. So, while I have the title of President, I’m absolutely not the one to lead in those situations.

We encounter situations the same way. In every situation one may encounter, you have the ability to contribute to impact it. The higher your ability, the more you are called to lead. Leadership isn’t about pecking order, privilege, or title. It’s about the opportunity to make things better.

Our goal as a team is to create ways in which everyone is confident to lead when it’s their time to lead. People with titles and authority must be willing to listen and trust those who say what they feel is the best way to approach a matter, and they need to feel confident to speak up.

When that kind of environment exists, more is learned. More is understood. In an ever-changing world, our capability of functioning continually at a higher level grows.

The more people we have on a team who are willing to lead when it’s right to lead, the better we will be.

Identify as a leader.