Are your teammates committed to quality work?

That’s one of the questions on our annual survey.  The idea is that if everyone is highly committed to quality work, the company is likely to be at the top of its class when it comes to competition.

As CEO, it’s easy for me to write this and encourage your commitment to quality work.  But, I was reminded on a tour last week how little I have to do with it.

I had a group with me.  We visited our pallet plant and our treating plant in Bartow.  Everywhere we went, the high level of activity was evident.  People were on point.  Actions were coordinated.  Everyone was moving.  No one stood idle.

It apparently stood out.  Our guests commented on the atmosphere of action.  It was evident the activity wasn’t ramped up for us.  It was how you rolled every day.

Here’s my point:  the CEO doesn’t determine whether your team is committed to quality work, you do.

The best thing we can do to assure that commitment is to give you latitude to build your team where you stand.

Hopefully, you can plan your work routine.

Hopefully, you are free to teach each other the best techniques.

We trust you to build relationships and support each other.  To “train” the new guys.  Keep them safe. To work with them until they have the moves down and understand the expectations.

For us to have long term success, everyone must be committed to quality work.  It only happens when the commitment wells up in each of us and we share it.

Thanks for your effort.