As a facilitator who has often led discussions about how we can improve, communication is always a targeted emphasis. No one has ever said communication is as good as it can be.

Excellent communication is fueled by an organization where listening is prioritized. Teammates who value listening and practice it ensure a number of things:

  • Where good listening is practiced, respect dominates. Good listening has respect at its foundation.
  • Teammates who listen well demonstrate a high regard for others. They make room for all to speak. They honor candor. They express gratitude for the contributions others make.
  • Where good listening is practiced, teammates deeply understand each other. When communication is encouraged by listening, a more detailed story is revealed. The background and context are developed. Trust is high.
  • Where good listening is practiced, curiosity and learning occurs. The free exchange of ideas lifts everyone’s knowledge. The open conversation broadens the range of ideas explored.

The great myth of listening is that it consumes time. My experience is that respectful, curious listening encourages better solutions.