The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

“The best way to predict the future is to create it. Do you want a bigger role? Start earning it today.”

I look for advice like this to share with my kids. Usually, you might take some advice like this and say “I need to get to work.”

What would you choose to work on?

Improving skills?

Building endurance?

Studying harder?

Showing up earlier?

When we think of improving the world we live in, the first place we look is to “self-development.” We tend to think about how we can get stronger and better with the thought that stronger and better yields results.

But, that focus may be misguided.

When I reflect every significant moment in my life, there are others in the picture. The others were smarter, more accomplished, stronger, committed. They lifted me. Supported by them. Taught by them. Encouraged by them. Inspired by them.

We all can strive to get better on our own accord, but part of getting better is taking account of the relationships we have and the teams we are on.

Are your relationships healthy? Provide support and encourage growth?

Did you get a good coach? Someone who prods you to a higher level?

Are your teams committed to the cause? Are your teammates all in?

Many times the paths to leadership begin with an honest assessment of the others you associate with? Hopefully, we pass the test at PalletOne. If we don’t, start building that team. Where you are. Today.