The Importance of Getting and Giving Help

I heard author Paul Tough who wrote the book “How Children Succeed” speak today.

It’s a fascinating book and it has impacted how I think about the workplace. In essence, it says that character traits like grit, curiosity, optimism and zest have more to do with success than does pure intellectual ability often measured as IQ.

He mentions that you develop these traits through life experiences including those that are adverse. We learn and develop character by solving problems, suffering loss and sorting through setbacks.

But, he also says that people who succeed have had help. Teachers who teach. Bosses who guide. Friends who help set perspective.

An immediate personal inventory for me shows that to be true. The help I have received in my life is immense. If you’re satisfied with your progress in life, I bet your list of helpers is extensive too.

So, it causes me to reflect: how am I doing as a helper? A Bible verse I repeat often is Luke 12:48: To whom much is given, much will be required.

If you have been helped, it is important to become a helper too. The list of those you help along the way will be your legacy. May it be long.