The Intangibles That Set Tim Tebow Apart

I am a Tim Tebow fan.

As a Florida Gator fan, I watched him win national championships (I like winning) while expressing himself humbly (I admire humility), providing unparalleled leadership (leadership is necessary for teams to succeed) and demonstrating extraordinary perseverance (overcoming adversity is part of life).

I got to admit I was a “doubter” when it came to him being a success as an NFL quarterback. I believed in all the intangibles. I just questioned whether he had the polish like so many of the successful quarterbacks have.

I was pretty certain that he would be as good as was possible. I knew that he would work as hard as he could and be the best he could be. The rest would take care of itself.

His recent streak where he has led a 1-4 team to six wins in seven games is the talk of the NFL. His team is winning ugly. His team is winning close. But, they are winning. It’s great drama.

Do you realize that the things that set Tebow apart can be adopted by all of us?

We can work hard to develop our skills.

We can be a model teammate. One who speaks encouraging words. One who lifts others up when things go wrong. One who doesn’t criticize when things go wrong but supports.

We can be unsinkable in the midst of difficulties.

We can pass out praise readily to teammates.

We can roll up our sleeves and dig in when things are tight.

We can always be at our post, ready to go.

Talent can be overrated. The intangibles that Tebow displays are full proof.