The Power of Trust, Loyalty & Respect

“When we got here we put three words on our shirt: trust, loyalty and respect. We don’t have any rules. You do those three things, that’s all a team needs.”  -Bruce Arians, coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals are in the playoffs and Arians leadership is given credit for being a large factor in their success.

Arians has a reputation as a players’ coach. He has a knack for building relationships. Players like being on his team. They seem to play better than they are.

The three words: trust, loyalty and respect provide insight into his effectiveness. The three virtues are closely related, entangled:

All three words inspire confidence. You make moves without fear of second guessing. It gives you a swagger.

All three words inspire admiration. When you receive them, your affection for the one who provides them grows. Your relationships deepen, because they are built on a solid foundation.

All three words inspire accountability. They make you want to retain the support of the provider. You take fulfillment of your responsibilities seriously. A team of people supporting each other has a way of accomplishing more than they thought possible.

All three words inspire commitment. They are rare commodities. When they are poured into you, you gather steam. Your investment in the team grows.

These are powerful admonitions:

I trust you.

I know you won’t let me down.

You hold my high regard.