The Risk of “Status Quo”

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker

CEO Skip Prichard tweeted this quote. It reminded me of the risk of “status quo.”

When we find something that works, it’s human nature to settle. Many times we settle on good, when there is better still to be found.

So that’s the dilemma: When do we search for better? When do we let well enough alone?

I tend toward recommending that you test the status quo. All the time.

If you find yourself resisting change, you’re on the path to derailment. Change is constant and is picking up pace.

Take an inventory of your practices. Systematically put them to the test.

Is there something you do that has outlived its purpose? Stop doing it.

Is there a report you generate that no one reads? Stop it.

Do you make three copies when one will do? Save the paper.

Do you buy an expensive part when there is a cheaper alternative?

Do you take one driving route when an alternative route is now four lanes?

You get the point. Take a look at your methods and put them to the test.