The Second Step in Adapting to Change

After you activate commitment, the second process to think about is developing resources.

Some people try to “wing it” through a transition.  Others try to “go it alone” feeling like “this is my change and I need to figure it out myself.”

But, it becomes apparent that the person who intentionally seeks acquiring the resources necessary to change from one thing to the next seems to navigate the change most effectively.

There are many reasons people don’t develop resources.  They don’t want to impose.  They are shy about asking.  When the transition is burdensome, they feel like they have to pack their own chute or haul their own load.

Sometimes it’s just laziness.  Developing resources is work.  You have to be willing to ask questions.  You have to be willing to confess ignorance.  You have to be willing to be humble.  You have to be willing to dig.

For instance, I’m going on a business trip soon to a place I rarely visit   Would it be smart for me to buy my ticket and just go there?  Probably not. I want to know where to stay when I get there.  Where to go and where not to go for safety purposes.  How can I stay in communication?  What’s the time difference?  What will the weather be like?  What kind of clothes should I bring?

Those questions and many more.  For this trip to be as successful as it can be, I have to do some work to make it that way.

I want to go to On the trip.  I get to go to On the trip.  The developing resources piece of this will be fun.

But, some transitions are forced on us.  What happens when you lose a loved one?  What happens when you become sick with a debilitating illness?  What happens when you are forced into the job market and didn’t want to go?

Those are trips as well.  Trips you might not want to take but when you stand at the beginning of them, you have to approach them with an activated commitment to make the transition.  And, you have to begin the process of developing resources to navigate through the paths and around the obstacles.

People who navigate change best always have the mindset that “there are people out there who can help me and there are things I need to learn, acquire and access to make this go better.”