The Tone You Set

What kind of tone are you setting today?

I once had a boss who was difficult. He traveled a good bit, so I can remember looking at his spot in the parking lot. If his car was gone, it was a relief. If his car was there, I just hoped I could avoid his wrath.

It wasn’t a good tone. It was a tone of fear. Most folks I worked alongside walked carefully. They were reluctant to speak. They waited in fear of being wrong. Mistakes were criticized. Out loud. In public.

The business struggled. Eventually the boss was replaced.

To set a tone well, you have to decide what kind of tone works. What do you want people to see? How do you want them to behave?

The tone you set builds your reputation. The tone you set reveals your character. The tone you set works daily to establish your legacy.

Don’t leave it to chance. Set your heart, mind and spirit on the tone you intend.