‘This too shall pass,’ quote by Maya Angelou reminds us to stay in the moment because we know there is relief in the future. We can hang for the time because it’s not going to persist. It’s probably too early in this crisis to be looking to the end of it, but I love this quote ‘this too shall pass,’ by Maya Angelou. This crisis can feel personal because we are all challenged in different, specific ways, and it feels like the burden is unique. But, if we all stand ready to help each other, our burdens can be born more readily.

This crisis will feel persistent for a while. It will remain on our minds. The pressure will be around us. It will be there for the foreseeable future. Do the best you can to keep a having a positive attitude. You can, because this too shall pass. Finally, she reminds us this isn’t permanent. Things will lose their force. The sun will come up every day. We will work together to reach a better destination.

Thanks for the way you are bearing up.

Remember “Every storm runs out of rain.” – Maya Angelou