Three Ways to Expand Your Leadership

Jossy Chacko is a speaker who suggests that there are three ways to expand your leadership:

  • Enlarge the Vision

Yesterday, I mentioned Dr. Henry Cloud thoughts on enlarging a vision:

“Two things can really drive a vision: something awful that you want to rectify…. or something awesome that you want to realize.”

People are attracted to big things. When Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans in 2005, people rallied to restore the city. New neighborhoods were constructed. Buildings rebuilt. New education systems added. Something really awful had occurred. People rallied to support the leaders committed to getting their community back.

When President John F Kennedy called America to be the first to the moon, the whole country rallied around him. Aspire to a significant achievement and people will respond. Your reputation as a leader will grow along with it.

  • Empower your People

If you accomplished anything in life, chances are great that you received help. You received training. You were challenged. Someone trusted you. Someone cared. Develop a habit of helping others around you get better; you won’t ever have a problem having a team where you can lead.

  • Embrace Risk

“If you want to accomplish something great, you have to be willing to step over the edge.” Ron McNair, a crewman who died on the space shuttle Challenger.

Most folks are risk averse. They seek the safe place. They wait and see others do things before they try themselves.

Leaders are risk takers. They challenge and cajole others to go along with them in efforts that will create change. They are willing to tackle big things (enlarge the vision) and invite others (empower people) along for the ride.

These are sound strategies for leadership development. They have been tested and found true. Put them to work.