I’m no scientist. Should probably know more about timber than I do.

I was reading an article called  Wood Is the New Green in Pallet Enterprise. There were some facts about carbon emissions I did not know.

Trees need CO2 to grow. They absorb it and store it. The absorption of CO2 slows global warming.

  1. Young trees absorb carbon rapidly.
  2. Mature trees absorb carbon slowly.
  3. Dying, decaying or burning trees release carbon.

Thus, the practice of cutting mature trees and replanting new ones is best for carbon management.

When trees are harvested, 98% is used.

As a result of environmental concerns, it’s been the process for decades to replant after harvesting actively. Forest growth exceeds harvesting rates by 40%.

A lot has changed on the timber front since I entered the business more than 40 years back. To participate in an industry that has adopted sustainable harvesting techniques is gratifying.