“You attract who you are. Not who you want.”

A team takes on the personality of the leader.

I’ve just read a book about Nick Saban, the University of Alabama football coach. He turned 70 yesterday and has amassed an unmatched record in coaching success.

Those who have played and coached with him say he has changed through the times, but some things have stayed the same. In other words, he employs tactics to face the times but insists on doing some things:

  • Meticulous preparation.
  • Off the chart effort.
  • Not judging success by victories and losses but by the discipline employed in doing the work.
  • He values relationships. Admires watching those charged to his leadership thrive.
  • He places a premium on high standards. He gives prompt, specific feedback when things fall short.

Your culture will be what you model. Your team will represent you.