Do you show up on time?

Not just to work.  When there is a targeted arrival time, do you meet or exceed it?  Work.  Home.  Community.

I had a coach tell me once that “if you aren’t early, you’re late.”  His message was simple.  The motivated, the leaders, the pros know that staggering in at the last minute affects how you start.

The person who is always on time or early, gains some margin.  His thoughts are collected.  The important matters on hand for the day are understood.  The game plan is communicated.  You’re hitting the ground with purpose.

In my many years of observing operations, a characteristic of the best teams is they have “a great first hour.”

It’s a habit for the good ones.  All the members can be counted on to be there.  There are a few minutes of fellowship and a clear expectation for the shift established.

When the switch is thrown, the team ramps up quickly and hits a standard.

Most records are set when you leave the starting block fast.  Most pros don’t waste a minute.

To be late is to fall behind.  To be late is to take on the extra stress of making up for lost time.  To be late is to develop a reputation as undisciplined and irresponsible.

It takes no intelligence or education to be on time.  Just an alarm clock and a watch with a mind dedicated to have the habit of punctuality.