Tour Ready

I’ve been attending a national pallet meeting and plant tour this week. Several hundred have gathered in Houston, TX. We were able to see three pallet plants and a logistics operation.

Tours are a great unifier. When they are well done, the whole plant gets a lift. The tours remind everyone that their jobs are interesting to others and there is pep in the steps of the participants.

In our organization, we talk about being “tour ready” all the time. What we mean is that should a customer or supplier or a government inspector surprise us with a visit, that they would find our location as if we knew they were coming. Clean, well maintained, on point.

As I visited these plants in Texas, I found my mind wandering and reflecting on the great pride I have in leading our company. I have confidence to invite anyone to see us at any time. They will be impressed with what they see.

I’m grateful for your dedication to the “tour ready” standard.