Triangle of well-being

Dr. Henry Cloud describes the triangle of well being.

There three elements that form the triangle and they combine of to build, drive, create and regulate our functioning and performance.

What are the three? They are our brain/ body (the physical), our relationships, and our minds, which regulate the energy and information needed to live and perform.

As we end the year, you may spend some time reflecting on the state of “you.”  Are you satisfied with where you stand?

The triangle of well being may provide a structure for evaluation. Is your body on sound footing? Do you have the physical endurance necessary to complete a full day? The pursuit of a good life requires energy to do your job well along with added energy to build relationships at home, at work and in the community. The pursuit of a good life requires energy to learn new things and build on your capacity.

How are your relationships? Are they a source of satisfaction? Are you leading where you stand? Making a difference in the lives of others? Are you building a legacy?

Finally, how’s your mind? Your attitude in the right place? Are you learning new things? Are you developing new habits?

Take an inventory. Set some targets. Endeavor to have this next year be a time of constructive change.