“People want to be trusted.  They respond to trust.  They thrive on trust.  Trust is the best way to relate to others.  It’s the most effective way to get results.” – Stephen Covey   

According to Covey, trust adds speed and reduces cost.  In every relationship.   

Terrorism causes distrust.  You used to be able to park your car and walk quickly to your flight.  Now you must plan on hours of security steps and pay for them with a security tax.   

Teammates you can count on to be in the right place at the right time create trust.  You move without thinking.  It creates a flow.  When you get open, the ball is in your hands.  That’s fast and effective.   

You work all week; the check is in your account.  You order and it’s delivered on time.  The guy who serves you delivers so you can deliver to those you serve.   

Let those things break down a little bit and you’re looking for a new supplier or finding a new customer.   

We create trust by making commitments and fulfilling them.  We lose it by making commitments and failing.   

Be a trust-making machine.  Take your commitments seriously.  Hit your mark.  Watch how it improves things.