I can’t do my job well without the assistance and participation of others.

Someone must give me direction about what to do.  They must give me clear targets for which to aim. They must give me feedback on how I’m progressing.  They must help me hone an edge by upgrading and redefining my targets as stuff changes.

Someone must help me.  I’m not all things to all people.  Mine is not a “one person” job.  We have hundreds of teams in our company.  Most of us are on more than one team.

The best teams feature trust, respect, effective communication.

The best teams understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Job assignments are based upon that knowledge.

The best teams are committed to the cause.  The more the commitment, the more the confidence grows.  The best teams are confident because they know help is accessible.  The best teams make good use of everyone’s skill, knowledge and abilities.

Great teams just don’t happen.  Leadership arises and defines the targets and rules for engagement. Members raise their hands and take a shot at doing what needs to be done.  Communication leads to identifying problems to be addressed and strategies necessary for resolution.

Victories are celebrated.  New vistas for growth identified.

It’s popular today for folks to worry only about themselves.  But, it’s lonely that way.

Your team.  Your tribe.  Your community.  All need you.